I woke up like this?

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I woke up like this?

Postby howforgiving » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:19 pm

My first morning to wake-n-bake
down at the ranch
I'm the only car on the road
The sun was peaking over the horizon
When I looked up I saw the silhouette
of a coyote on a peak in front of me
and in the perfect deserted scenery
we just sat
What are we waiting for?
I'm too close to going crazy
to believe anything I can't touch and see
right in front of me
This has always seemed to be some sort of delusion of grandeur
and then it gathered steam right up until
we watched it blow up in our faces
and I fail
I fail to believe
How can it all make such sense and yet never come together?
How will I ever make any sense of anything?
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