official poison discussion thread

All the stupid topics that probably should be deleted.

official poison discussion thread

Postby Baron » Mon May 30, 2011 5:42 pm

Come on man I'm not the problem, I'm not trying to push you around!
I'm not trying to push you around to push you around to push you around!
push you around push you around push you around!

i think hes tawkin about god cuz hes athiest and hes liek not the problum cuz he dosnt even beleve in god so its no worries. hes in heaven but its jus liek a dream becuz hes with god who isnt reel. hes not tryin 2 push god around cuz he knos hes smarter then any1 whos a hipocrit becuz they say there christan but they push ppl around in the world 2day. then he sas sumthin about jamaycens tryin 2 kill us. LOL idk wat hes tawkin bout ther

this ismy new all tiem faverit modest moose song
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