MM Tracklist Revealed

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MM Tracklist Revealed

Postby Eli Porter » Wed Apr 02, 2014 12:03 am

0. (Horny Intro)
1. Turd Planet
2. Cowboy Dave
3. I came on a rat
4. King Rastafarian
5. Dark Center of My Asshole
6. We've got AIDs
7. Cus Dumb Cunts Earn
8. Truckers Asshole
9. Heart Cooks Balls
10. Babys Clean Butthole
11. Dan's Shawl
12. Blame it on the Canadians
13. Bury me with tits
14. Bukake
15. Spitting Semen
16. People as Pussies as People
17. Fly's tipped in a Jar
18. Jesus Christ was An Adopted Child
19. Convenient Fucking
20. Baby Blue Balls
21. Out of Ass
22. Tiny Cities made of Assholes
23. The Cold Fart
24. Paper Thin Balls
25. Fuck off (ALLLRIGHT!)
26. Semen Tastes Salty
27. Eric's IntoDudes
28. Beach Side Pussy
29. A Compulsive Masturbator named Laughing Boy
30. A Life of Asshole Sounds
31. Grey Ass Water
32. Never Ending Math Debation

I was going to be serious about an april fools joke, but id be pissed off if someone told me new MM news just to find out it was fake. here, i have a good amount of live MM videos uploaded.
Eli Porter
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Re: MM Tracklist Revealed

Postby jtdiggy » Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:42 am

17. thighs slapped way too hard, guys trapped in my car?

19. convenient porking, some he-man's larking?
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