Modest Mouse and The Great Gatsby

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Modest Mouse and The Great Gatsby

Postby Dying Lobster » Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:13 am

hey folks, i've got a bit of a project to do for school.

my english class is supposed to do some sort of creative thing for the great gatsby, which we just read. one of the options is to create a CD, which my teacher originally meant to be jazz or something else of the era, but i convinced her that i could find songs relate able in theme and she found the idea interesting. So i'm calling on you well read fellows to come up with some songs of MM's that could be connected, even vaguely to this story.

what I have so far:
1. Tiny Cities (this is pretty good actually, what with the valley of ash and constant gray/dust imagery)
2. Guilty cocker spaniels - sort of a vague one here, but i figure the "we're all getting blamed" parts i can BS and say is related to the character's irresponsibility throughout the story.
3. interstate 8 - well, the story has a lot to do with driving, and some say that's all the books about so i figured i'd toss this on there.

i made a terrible mistake and this is due tomorrow, but i figure it'd be fun to try out and get some insight from other people on. thanks!
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Re: Modest Mouse and The Great Gatsby

Postby Sad Sappy Sucker » Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:45 am

Lounge, because gatsbys girl is kinda a bitch, but he thinks he is nice. She was gone with the cinemitogropther but everyone knew he was really a pornographer. ??vague but who cares
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