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Album trade?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:39 pm
by innocentbystander
Hi everybody,
I just bought a copy of Dumb Luck by Dntel on vinyl. I did not realize it came with an mp3 download code, as I already have it on my computer.
Now this is a fantastic album. Dntel is the name of the solo project of the guy from The Postal Service who does all the electronica bits, and it is probably one of my favorite non Modest Mouse albums of all time. It is, however, heartbreakingly sad.
So now that I have two copies of this album, if anyone would send me a *LEGAL* copy of "Meddle" by Pink Floyd ($6 on AmazonMP3) I will trade that for my digital download code for Dumb Luck. (If you already have the album and send me your copy, that doesn't count... sorry but I occasionally broadcast songs online and if they have belonged to someone else I am not allowed to use them... A legal copy would be a brand new digital copy bought for me and not used by anyone else.)