Me and My Moving Wheels

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Me and My Moving Wheels

Postby howforgiving » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:19 pm

Today I should be making fun of my best friend
for turning into a 50-year-old lady
She's dead
All I can do is remember all the fun she made me have with her

Sometimes I don't talk when I want to
Words make me feel lonely now
I only want to look into your eyes
I only want to speak to you
I trust only you to know me
no matter how often you tell me you don't

I am on the move again
I like the winding roads
I'd like to take a turn and see your face
looks just like you were made special for me
I've done everything differently, I know
and I promise I won't make the same mistakes
I'm known for

And so should you
Please?? Thank you!


Just because I land on my dancing feet
over and over and over again
does not mean I should suffer abuse
over and over and over again
I can be mean,too
Most of the time I choose not to
over and over and over again
I'm ready for a new challenge
and I'm not ashamed
but what's the point of speaking up
when no one really gives a fuck?
and then
there's always that one
over and over and over again


As many times as I've been told by men
that my presence alone is distracting to them
I feel I must see more of the world
just because I was born a girl

I watched a cyclist run over a snake today
I was pulled over to watch it snake away and
I saw him coming, so I yelled, "There's a snake!"
He just smiled and kept looking at me as he was passing
and smeared the snake
I got out of the car and he turned around
to see what he had done
He had exposed the intestines
and said, "I was looking at you! I didn't even see the snake!
That'll teach me not to stare at a pretty girl!"

(she don't need a glamorous life
she wants to be a man's wife)

As luck would have it
one face would thrill me
b eyes look just like you could kill

This place is dead on Zombie Day
but I'm probably not the only one bleeding
and I'm smart enough to know
I'm smart enough to drive myself crazy

I seem to be doing it on purpose lately
just to avoid gaining responsibility
Yeah, I think you're funny
Yeah, we take heavy things lightly
and you're smart enough to know [you]

As much as we are the same
How can it seem we will never understand each other?


This movie just made me happy

Maybe because

is so beautiful

Maybe because
I've been lucky enough
to be a lucky dog's one true love

Maybe because
you're so stubborn
you lose my attention
but nothing's better than you
There is nothing better than you


the first sixteen minutes and thirty seconds of
the first episode of the second season of
'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel'
can explain so much

The world is heavy
sometimes I just want to slip out from underneath it
instead digging to the point of exhaustion
I get nowhere
down here
on all fours

I always knew

I need the strength that is yours

You miss me
I miss me, too

It's just the distance between these words

Blown by the wind
I'm back to where Nevada began
You are like the rock
I tuck my kite string under
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Re: I woke up like this

Postby Darland » Fri Aug 24, 2018 3:09 pm

Very profound indeed. Awesome stuff, Howforgiving. Do you write poetry as a hobby?
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