Get It Together-Can You?

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Get It Together-Can You?

Postby howforgiving » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:19 pm

You asked if I knew that one
and it was pretty incredible, actually
but you were't talking to me
and I knew that one, too
I just needed to hear it from you
because I can be unsure of something
without disparaging myself
Can any of you?
and I kept listening to you say
I wasn't listening to you

who the fuck did you expect to fall in love with?

I can't count how many times
I've read Pride and Prejudice
I am well-versed in this shit
Jane Austen is my sister
from a different century
and you think I offended you
well, now you know
Sir-you offended me

Some things shouldn't rhyme:
(Do not read that wrong!
I did not retaliate, I kept losing hope
but it keeps coming back
like a fucking infectious disease,
and I know you know what I mean)

I'm sorry that everyone around thinks you were wrong,
but the last thing you should do is prove them right.

This is some sort of addiction, affliction
there's some strange rhythm that keeps me to it
I'll be back, but I'm not coming around
just to be shot down
You're never there anyway
You have no idea what it takes
This is all just wasted energy. ... lL6D7qnvlg
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