I woke up like this

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I woke up like this

Postby howforgiving » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:19 pm

Another switch flipped
and I'm out
Bitches be bitches
and I wrote my own damn name down
on their shit list
I didn't invent the art of fucking people over
but I sure have designed a flawless technique or two
I am unique, like you


I took off for a day
but it's been over a week now
and I just can't stop going
It occurred to me-again, probably
as I was driving recklessly through some
snowy rough patch in the Toiyabe
that it must've been you
all those years ago
who propelled the text that was sent to me
to make sure I made it through the pass from Tennessee


I loved you then but I didn't understand
or really even know
though I remember brushing off the feeling
that you would be worried
I'm so fucking stupid sometimes
and I'm so god damned sorry


but I am done apologizing
and I need you to be
I've told you already
You never need to apologize to me


I love you like it's all I know how to do-and you
Captain, you can do what you want

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