I woke up like this

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I woke up like this

Postby howforgiving » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:19 pm

I had this on repeat this morning as I drove
so slow
I let every other car pass me
around hills of fields of yellow
through dense white fog
I wondered if those flowers know they're fenced in and if not
I feel it for them
I am moving too fast to shake in my boots
but I'm gonna be honest here
I. Am. Terrified.
of you? of us? of I don't know what
but you're not gonna push and it might be just what I'm needing
and I feel like you're expecting something from me
but I got nothing and what I did have has all been taken from me, so
I'm like Baby in the corner screaming, "...ALL THIS FOR NOTHING?!?!"
you got some shit luck, bud, and I keep wondering why and how and
I'm gonna try like that little engine to force my feet to follow my heart right back into your eyes
I'm gonna keep trying to get my body back into your arms that never wanted to let me go.
Isn't it time?
I'm already flying.
This is some sort of culminating calamity that moves at a glacial pace and
I'm in some cafe on the coast
I need a caffeine boost after so much driving and crying
but I've got to sit here because the cup holders in my car are built to spill and
I blew a hose that caused my vehicle to overheat right along with me so
I've been waiting for the part to come in
Everything is replaceable, no matter how old or esoteric it is
and then again, some one-way valve in the fuel pump is causing an extended start time
especially in cold mornings, and that problem speaks to me
It could be 100 bucks or 3, but guaranteed and
Best you believe
I will figure it out on my own and be on my merry way.
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