Reconstructing The Framework(Announcement)

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Reconstructing The Framework(Announcement)

Postby President of Antarctica » Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:32 am


I'm not really the Dennis Hopper, circa Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, destroy-everything-psychopath this idea might insinuate so please hear me out... This is purely for fun. Many fans of Modest Mouse love each album as a whole and see them as cohesive works, beautifully crafted with a perfect flow. I count myself among those many. But for the sake of entertainment and new perspective I've devised a plan to fuck forever-- ah, I mean, had an idea concerning said albums: lets rearrange the track list in the order we see fit!

This idea is no slight to the original order of songs but given the admission that Isaac had trouble trying to find the best sequence(and mix) for the latest record I figured why not see what the members of Interstate 8 thought of all the records and their respective sequencing. Starting Friday after next I'm going to kick off a bi-weekly thread featuring one LP where I encourage everyone to post their particular order of songs. Really think about it, use the two weeks to figure out how you would piece together each puzzle. Find the flow you feel works best and go even further by explaining why. Get into it!

The first reworking on deck is This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About! Lets tackle this in a linear fashion since it will still be fresh coming off of the song elimination tournament(which has been awesome) and really get creative with your favorite order. Go into detail, invent a storyline, give a reasoning, etc. But most importantly, just take the time to revisit each album and every song. Absorb it all again because that is the music that brought us here and has helped so much.

*This Is A Long Drive... thread will be posted on November 13th. There within reveal your track list and feelings about it. Feel free to include any B-sides/singles from the same era or songs that only appear on different formats.
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Re: Reconstructing The Framework(Announcement)

Postby LongDriveInAcar » Sat Oct 31, 2015 10:06 pm

Cool, ill be participating for sure.
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