Poster Question. NC. (If you're going to NY read this)

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Poster Question. NC. (If you're going to NY read this)

Postby jornor » Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:07 pm

So I went to The Ritz show Friday, left my cash in the car, 10 out of 10 star show by the way. Noticed the posters were 20 bucks or 3 for 40 and you could choose from all the different designs. They are playing tonight and tomorrow in NEW YORK and those posters from Raleigh will be for sale, if anyone could pick me one up or if anyone already has one from Raleigh or something, please help me out. After the show I grabbed my cash, went back to the front entrance only to be shunned away by the chick telling me there's no re-entry and I repeated I only want to get a poster and merch and it just didn't work. I dunno, this is a long shot, signed up for this site 15 mins ago to find a poster but so glad I found this site it's fucking sick.


Let me know about a Raleigh, NC poster XO
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