London ONT Sep 10th

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London ONT Sep 10th

Postby Old New Ager » Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:06 am

Anyone going to this show?? :D

I went to their show in London, ON LAST summer.. And it was nothing short of amazing! Even though I literally ended up missing something ridiculous like.. 8/9/10 songs (something like that) because my friends made us leave early (ughh so mad about that but what can ya do I guess eh) Anyways, if it is like last show.. The numbers would be that they play like 22 songs. I understand they have a new album out now too though.. So less chance for some of those old gems to show up, not that I have anything against the new album.. Its great!

Last year, I was just glad to have seen Broke and Night on the Sun live BOTH in London! That among a ton of great other songs. We also got really close to the front of the stage.

Well, anywho! Hopefully Isaac and company makes this one hell of a show! If the setlist is anything even remotely like last years in London, I will be happy as hell. Of course a bit of more variety of different songs that we have not heard would be cool too. Point is, should be a great show!

Also, if anyone wants to meet up or something.. Send me a message on here if thats something you can do/are allowed? :S
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