Buffalo Show Review

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Buffalo Show Review

Postby Ansel » Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:37 pm

Hi Guys

I went to the Buffalo show on Friday. I live in Toronto and took a bus by myself over the border for the show.

I got pretty lucky in that I thought I was going to just watch the show alone and basically spend a short trip to Buffalo not talking to anyone local (and I was fine with that because, Modest Mouse show!) and a few minutes after getting off the bus I met two awesome local girls working at a cafe that scored tickets that day and invited me to watch the show with them. Afterwards we went out with some of their friends and drank and had an awesome time. Watching a show by your favorite band with cool people you just met that day and hammering back $3 beers >>> going to a city by yourself and watching a show by yourself. TLDR: Went to Buffalo, met cool locals, saw Modest Mouse kick all sorts of ass.

Anyways, the venue is fantastic. Asbury Hall in Buffalo is a converted Church that was bought by Buffalo's own Ani DiFranco and converted into a concert hall / event space. It was gorgeous inside. Sound wasn't the absolute best but to see MM in a relatively intimate venue that is beautiful inside is a fair trade-off.

The band was fucking great. This was my 6th time seeing them since 2004 and I really loved and it was well, well-worth my trip from Toronto and staying overnight. I had wrote on Lisa's Instagram a day before that I had hoped they would play Pups to Dust. I have no idea if she read that or not but was overjoyed for them to debut the song at the Buffalo show! I'm the guy who shared the below setlist on Reddit. It's out of order.
"Down with the Sickness" was NOT played. I'm pretty certain The World at Large was played also.

For me worst songs were: Bury Me With It (bias cause its one of my least favorite Good News tunes) and Wicked Campaign (meh).

Best songs: Doin the Cockroach (I went fucking mental during this. Sorry Buffalo crowd, if you can't dance to fucking Doin the Cockroach what the hell kind of Modest Mouse fan are you??), Dark Centre of the Universe, Pups to Dust (it sounded great, loved the call&response bits between Isaac and Lisa. The encore was especially generous as I think it started with Dramanine, Custom Concern AND Broke. Thought we were quite spoiled to get such a great bit of old MM there.

If anything surprised me it was how few of the fans there knew the Strangers to Ourselves stuff. Lampshades and Ground Moves got good responses but Tortoise and Pups mainly went over people's heads. I love STO and hope more fans get to know it.

Isaac told the crowd a story that he hasn't been back to Buffalo in many years and the last time he was there he was in jail for a few days. LOL Ohhhhh Isaac.

Anyways. Great show. Pretty fun crowd. Good times, band sounded great. Everyone left pretty happy.

The Tortoise and The Tourist (opener, live debut!)
Bury Me With It (meh)
Satin in a Coffin (feh)
Dark Center of the Universe (fucking AWESOME)
Doin the Cockroach (fucking AWESOME)
Tiny Cities made of Ashes (really good)
Lampshades On Fire (catchy, definitely woke some of the more fairweather fans up)
3rd Planet (classic, one of MM's most recognizable and fun tunes)
Ground Walks (sounded bitchin)
Of Course We Know (epic, loved it)
Custom Concern (sang my guts out)
Broke (classic)
Pups to Dust (live debut, sounded GREAT)
Float On (total crowd sing-along)
The Good Times Are Killing Me (great, similar response to World at Large)
Parting of the Sensory (was so happy to get this, my favorite We Were Dead tune)
Wicked Campaign (totally forgettable, maybe my least favorite STO tune)
The World at Large (closed the night, I think, $3 beers make things hazy)
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Re: Buffalo Show Review

Postby Zack_of_Steel » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:31 pm

Wow, that's another killer setlist. I'm glad you had an awesome experience, thanks for sharing.
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Re: Buffalo Show Review

Postby plasticforks » Sat May 02, 2015 4:17 pm

Amazing! Glad to hear it was a great show and that you made some friends along the way.

Question: What's Lisa's Instagram? I searched for her name but no dice.
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Re: Buffalo Show Review

Postby Leanne » Sun May 03, 2015 6:45 am

plasticforks wrote:
Question: What's Lisa's Instagram? I searched for her name but no dice.

Norsehorse is her name on instagram.

Sounds like you had a great time...And I would have taken full advantage of the $3 beers!
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