GP signed Marcellus Hall?

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GP signed Marcellus Hall?

Postby innocentbystander » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:00 am

I have no idea who he is, but this might give a clue as to what Isaac's been up to... ... first-line
Edit: Seems like it.
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Re: GP signed Marcellus Hall?

Postby MajinTrunkz » Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:41 am

He was the singer for White Hassle, who of course were responsible for inspiring "Float On" through their song "Life is Still Sweet." Fitting that he's on Isaac's label now, I think.

I know this is semi-off-topic, but I'm pretty stoked for the Morning Teleportation album.
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Re: GP signed Marcellus Hall?

Postby Leanne » Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:47 pm

Expanding Away - Morning Teleportation

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