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Postby Eli Porter » Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:40 pm

He goes out and makes a fool out of himself every night.
And smiles at his effort.
The people, they look and they laugh.
But his sleeve still bleeds either way.
He was handed a shovel and told to dig deep.
Once he hit six feet, he was surprised to see people kicking dirt over his head.
But instead of giving them the satisfaction of trying to escape and being buried alive,
He just kept digging deeper.
Struck a source of water to keep himself going.
Those trying to bury him eventually got tired.
The laughers will laugh.
And at the end of the day he will find himself alone.
Just like the morning he awoke.
For 25 years.
One thought, and one mental image burnt into his brain.
You’re not good enough.
You’ll never be good enough.
Not for me.
Not for them.
Not for her.
Take your shovel and dig.
And let them hurt you.
If they want you to try, you fail.
When they want you to fail, you succeed.
You’re a dick.
Make them bleed.
Your bloody sleeve is drenched.
And the one you see and sought out for
Has left and won’t look.
Prior to your prime.
The words echo every day.
Can’t take two steps with out the picture of her.
The words she called you.
Ready yourself a knife.
A gun, a noose.
We’re not going to make it.
Something about the age.
Never going to be good, never going to be great.
Collect the laughs in a bottle, and let them all out at once.
Just tie a knot.
No more stopping mid walk to grab your aching heart.
No more flinching at the thought.
Of being alone.
We could have handed each other success.
You gave me a brown bag and told me here is what you need.
The bag, like your self, was full of shit.
But I decided to make you right.
Ran with it.
I gather their attention and then let them all down.
And smile as they look away with their disinterest.
An easy breed I could never figure out.
One last chance.
Let’s make each other smile.
Deny me once more.
And I know what I shall do.
Carve out my heart.
It’s on the table.
It’s yours.
http://www.youtube.com/user/sh0rty08?feature=mhsn here, i have a good amount of live MM videos uploaded.
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