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Postby DrunkontheAmtrak » Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:17 pm

I posted about Moonface before boardaggedon, but with the new album, Julia With Blue Jeans On coming out I figured I would revisit them. I said previously that I just couldn't get into this Spencer Krug project even though I loved all of his other previous projects (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake, etc.). Well I have to say I like this iteration the best out of all the Moonface efforts. It is only Krug. Krug is alone with his vocals, his piano and his metaphors. He is an amazing piano player (At least to a layperson)! The vocals are great and really introspective. He does a really nice job. I will admit I have to be in the right mood to sit through the entire album. It is not really an album with a lot of standout singles, but more of a cohesive unit. ...although Barbarian is a pretty cool song to hear by itself. That being said ... I really need more Sunset Rubdown Spencer!
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