TFTAI song elimination: Round 4

What do the songs mean to you? Modest Mouse's lyrics and interpretations here.


Poll ended at Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:11 am

The Waydown
Sunspots In The House Of The Late Scapegoat
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TFTAI song elimination: Round 4

Postby Gregg » Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:11 am

The rules:

1. You are voting for the song you like / listen to the least on the album.
2. You have 48 hours to cast your vote for a song. You can change you vote at any point during those 48 hours.
3. In the event of a tie, there will be a special tie breaker round between those songs over 24 hours. In the event that the tie breaker round ends in a tie, we will just end the round as such.
4. In the final round you are voting for the song you like / listen to the most on the album.


4. The Fruit That Ate Itself
5. Dirty Fingernails
6. Karma's Payment
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