GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

What do the songs mean to you? Modest Mouse's lyrics and interpretations here.


Poll ended at Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:09 pm

The World at Large
No votes
Ocean Breathes Salty
Bury Me with It
The View
Satin in a Coffin
Blame It on the Tetons
The Good Times Are Killing Me
Total votes : 23

GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

Postby Gregg » Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:09 pm

Hmm, I wonder if "Float On" got picked on due it being the casual Modest Mouse fan's only known song and therefore it represents something bitter to the rest of us that have delved deeper into the catalogue. I've heard stories of casual fans leaving shows after "Float On" gets performed (4 songs in was the worst I heard once), or casual fans leave angry when it's not played. Regardless of how commercial or how un-Modest Mouse this song maybe is, it's still a great song, and I think it should have lasted a big longer, if not almost to the end. I'm glad Modest Mouse is gutsy enough to not play this song at every show. A lot of bands wouldn't. Not that I don't mind hearing it, it's just nice to get something new every other time.

The rules:

1. You are voting for the song you like / listen to the least on the album.
2. You have 48 hours to cast your vote for a song. You can change you vote at any point during those 48 hours.
3. In the event of a tie, there will be a special tie breaker round between those songs over 24 hours. In the event that the tie breaker round ends in a tie, we will just end the round as such.
4. In the final round you are voting for the song you like / listen to the most on the album.


9. Float On
10. Black Cadillacs
11. This Devil's Workday
12. Dance Hall
13. One Chance
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Re: GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

Postby Zack_of_Steel » Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:40 am

There were 4 younger girls just in front of us in OKC that were with their friend, an actual fan. They all recognized Float On and Ocean Breathes Salty, but then stood and talked for the next 5 songs or so before leaving and relinquishing their spot at the gate to my gf and I.

Still voting for Good Times.
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Re: GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

Postby antemasque » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:51 am

I love good times and think it's a great closer (and closer before encore) but I'd much rather listen to these other songs before it.

Sorry, good times.

And to be quite honest, the view is probably my least favorite song. It's one of everyone's favorite it seems but I just can't dig it. Especially live.
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Re: GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

Postby President of Antarctica » Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:34 pm

This album is the reason I am who I am today. It started me on my journey at the very least. Its the sure fork in the road of my life. And Float On was the song that introduced me to this record. It will always have a very special place in my heart.

Voted Good Times again.... again.
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Re: GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

Postby monkey2000 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:45 pm

Float on deserves props, and I feel like it doesn't get enough of it. It's not their best song, I wouldn't even put it in the top 10, but it is a very good pop crossover. The fact that MM managed to accidentally have a major hit while largely sticking to what they had been doing for the past 10 years, and evolving naturally, is nothing short of impressive. To me, Float On deserves a spot in the same category of great "underground" crossovers as Creep or She don't use Jelly.
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Re: GNFPWLBN song elimination: Round 6

Postby Shabs42 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:42 pm

Down to all songs I really like now. I'm going Satin in a Coffin, much more fun live than on the album; but a good song either way.

Happy to see World at Large without a vote still. It's always been my favorite lyrically, but I thought the music might be a bit too simple for some tastes.
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