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aloha from sunny indiana!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:45 am
by garymartinez
hellos. my name is gary. im from indiana (obviously.) i'm 24. i have a band called Quin and an indy record label that me and my friends release our music on. it's called Elsewhere Record Co. i enjoy riding my bicycle, playing shows, and i'm ok with my postion of employment. i love modest mouse (another obvious statement.) lately ive been listening to a lot of al green, hella, times new viking, washed out, and cindy lauper. some other favorites are joan of arc, love of everything (i've been listening to Vacations' "i was bikini" 7". bobby burg is my hero) sonic youth, casiotone for the painfully alone, pedro the lion/headphones/david bazan, desaparecidos, new order, pavement, braid/hey mercedes/anything bob nanna does, mock orange, new edition, and the breakin' soundtrack. i've been watching the brit show "peep show." it's amazing. im a big fan of curb your enthusiasm and the life and times of tim. my favorite directors are Todd Solondz, Harmnoy Korine, and Wes Anderson. i started reading "being and nothingness" by jean-paul sarte a week ago. aside from existentialism, i enjoy most of the "beat" generation of authors (ginsburg, burroughs, bukowski, kerouac, etc.)
anyway, feel free to say hi via interstate-8 or facebook, assuming that's a normal thing for people to have these days.