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Introduction Post

Postby SameOldSunshine » Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:33 am

Hello, everyone!

How to start? I've checked this site/board every day for at least 4-6 months or so now...probably starting farther back, though, just not as regularly. (Got any hits from Denver?) Basically, I handle what's turning out to be a Very Long Wait by channeling all my excitement/frustration/bemusement, by this point, into the 5 minutes a day when I enter on the site's address and hope for news. Seeing that the homepage picture has changed as the page loads is always a surge. Then I get on with my day like any normal person would; reading this board has become quite a ritual for me, but I haven't gone obsessive-crazy yet. (I'm trying to keep from becoming so, and mostly winning. If the band were to officially announce a postponement of some kind, it would be close. But only because I've spent far too much time thinking about the possibility of a new release--it's become a major subject of idle pondering, indeed). I also listen to their stuff quite often, but I'm sure there's no competition here.

Just bought a reissue of This is a Long Drive yesterday after eyeing it in a store for about two weeks, and found that "Lounge" on my old digital copy (which I must have downloaded from somewhere) is actually "Closing Time", retitled with that name. (But the fourth track on my CD of LCW says "Lounge (Closing Time)", so I assumed there was a connection--by coincidence, I believe "Closing Time" also plays in a studio on the YouTube "Untitled" documentary, so I'd assumed the LCW version was a remix of some sort--guess I never checked the officially-listed song lengths closely enough!) Either way, with the bonus tracks, it was like hearing a brand new record! And I now have way more reason to pay attention to that one--it didn't quite fit with the rest for me before. That'll help...

Anyway, I figured it's about time I get a username so I can pop in whenever stuff does happen. I've never liked choosing usernames. And I remember the last board I wrote on had a lot of arguments all the time (it was the Flat Earth Society, though.) But also, I should say that I definitely don't like starting arguments, just for the record; here, there'd be no reason for it.

I'm a bit surprised the length of this gap isn't more of a subject in itself around the web--I know I'm not the only one who's growing impatient! But who needs a reminder? I'm preparing for the whiplash of comparisons between the time when they release the record vs. the time when We Were Dead came out. That and the one interview that will explain everything.

I have to say, as much as I love the band, 2007 is turning out to be the wrong year for really getting into them...
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